Over the years, it seems that fewer and fewer people read the Bible.   People, even believers, have talked about how the Bible is outdated and irrelevant for today.  But is it?   The Bible is the most printed and read book in history.  There has been more evidence discovered over the centuries, that confirms the validity of the Bible, than any other ancient historical document.    The Word of God can change your heart and absolutely transform your life.   The Bible wasn’t written to be just a piece of history, but to be read with the mind and the heart of each person.   Did you know that God loves us?  He loves us know matter who we are and what we have done.  He wants you to come to Him and develop a relationship with Him.


Eight reasons we should read and study the Bible:


To know the one and only true God

God created the heaven and the earth and everything in it.  We should want to know the creator. 


To enjoy and to love God

We should want to know His character, His promises, and His purposes for our lives. We can rejoice in His love, mercy, and forgiveness.


To know and to understand His Word-

According to 2 Timothy 3:16, All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.” Jesus is called the Word of God because he is the ultimate communication from God. (John 1:1-3)


To learn direction in life

The Bible shows us what we should and shouldn’t do. The Bible guides us to truth, which is Christ. (John 16:13, John 14:7)


To find comfort and hope

Scriptures give us hope and comfort when we need it.  We can always go to God when we are down and need to be lifted up. (Romans 15:4)


To let us see our innermost thoughts and desires

God’s Word helps us to see ourselves as we really are and through the Holy Spirit, convicts us of sin so that we can repent and change. (Hebrews 4:12-16)


To become pure and holy

Jesus prays a beautiful prayer in John 17:17-23 for all believers would be set apart for God and for His holy purpose.


To understand the Great Commandment and the Great Commission

As believers these two are essential for our walk with God.   We should know and fully understand them. (Matthew 22:34-40, 28:34-40)


These are just a few of the reasons we should read and study the Bible.  God maybe speaking to you right now as you have read this blog.  In my next blog, I will write about different ways you can read the Bible and find which way is best for you.


Have a blessed Day,

Pastor Jim Stilwell


You can email Pastor Jim with comments or questions here.



Reference: “How to Study the Bible” by Rose publishing







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